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Sega confirms Bayonetta coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

The witches are back!

Sega confirms Bayonetta coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility

The backwards compatibility program for Xbox One was first revealed this year at E3 and is currently available only to preview members with all Xbox live subscribers gaining access this November. With Microsoft set to have 100 initial titles in the program combining both disc and XBLA games,  they also plan to add hundreds more as time goes on while acknowledging complete transfer of all 360 games is not practical. After all, both the technology necessary and permissions required would make it a organizational nightmare.

At Gamescom this past week, the Japanese Engadget site was speaking to a number of companies attempting to confirm several titles coming to the program.  Although many are rumored, Sega confirmed to the outlet that the orgihal Bayonetta would be coming to Xbox One via the backwards compatibility program. 

Although the games run on Xbox 360, developer approval is still required to transfer them to additional platforms.  Of course this makes sense as Microsoft is generating revenue from developers' products. Many developers have spoken out in favor of the program and we are currently in a "hurry up and wait" mode in order to see a final list of games due out this November. Sony has also indicated they do not plan to add backwards compatibility to the PS4 any time soon as well unfortunately. 

What games are you most looking forward to? Besides Red Dead Redemption of course. Let us know in the comments.


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