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Seeing is Deceiving

April 15, 2009

Seeing is Deceiving

Attention Conduit Community

SEGA of America wants to thank everyone who participated in the weekly puzzles for The Conduit. We’re looking at the final submissions and will have an update on our winner shortly.

As you may have discovered, the puzzles I have been sending out lead to an all new discovery,; an all new website specifically for the Community with hidden features and special updates. Your newly found skills in Drudge will put you in front of some exclusive materials before anyone else…

What is this site you may wonder, what secrets are hidden inside? Within the site are hidden codes, similar to what we have already seen across the puzzles, but this time you’ll find unlockables only available across the website – these won’t appear on any of the bigger press sites. I’ll be sending out updates to everyone on when these codes are available, it’ll be up to you to discover them. Just don’t expect all updates to appear across the website!

From a technology point of view, the site is pretty impressive, as it offers a very unique look into the world of The Conduit across a very wide space. The website is inspired by new Gigapan technology that offers a high level of detail, from the full image, to the fully zoomed in image. Rather than using a Gigapan camera to create the scene, the site was hand illustrated to create a distinct look and feel, specific to The Conduit. The image contains seven levels of zoom, which at a maximum zoom contains over 5800 hand illustrated JPG tiles and a total of 40,920px by 7,700px of searchable space. The site was created by a hardworking and dedicated team of twenty five, who were able to bring it from concept to release.

We hope you enjoy the site, be on the lookout for new codes and updates – you’ll have to have a keen eye for whatever may appear.

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