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See what rising devs brought to E3 2014’s College Game Competition


The Entertainment Software Association today released a video covering the five games from the E3 2014 College Game Competition that were shown at E3 2014.

The CGC is a yearly event allowing college students to try their hand at game development under the stringent judgment of a blue ribbon panel of judges. More than 400 colleges and universities participated in the event, but only five finalists were able to showcase their projects at E3.

Vinyl, a self-described music manipulation game, came from the University of Utah and allows players to skate through a colorful level generated according to what music they upload. Next comes Paper Dream from Lawrence Technological University, a 3D flight simulator of sorts in which you navigate a paper airplane through classroom-themed environments. The Savannah College of Art and Design brought Prisma, a 2D platformer revolving around a dimensional mechanic: swapping dimensions (colors) confers different abilities and is the basis for the game’s obstacles. Data Helix is a first-person puzzler about a decryption AI from the University of Denver, while Port of Call from the University of Texas is a narrative-centric adventure and exploration game. 

After earning my vote, Prisma went on to win the competition. 

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