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Section 8: Prejudice Getting Pay Map Pack


Section 8: Prejudice, the XBLA and Games for Windows multiplayer FPS, is getting a new map pack on June 1. At this point, a map pack is a map pack--every game has one at some point. The difference is that this is an XBLA title and these two maps will cost you 320 Microsoft points (or $4.99).

The Section 8: Prejudice website lays out what you can expect from the two maps:

"The Overdrive Map Pack includes two new multiplayer maps, Abaddon and Sky Dock. Amidst the magma craters of Abaddon, protect a power cell facility built on a scalding energy source. Sky Dock is a crucial military base and space port nestled in the frozen tundra. Each map is playable in both multiplayer and offline play for all game modes, which includes Swarm, Conquest, and the recently community-unlocked Assault game mode."

Now my issue here is that multiplayer games on XBLA don't have the same power that retail games do. Section 8 is at its best with full 32 player matches, and this is just splitting the population. A free map pack doesn't get them more money, but it does make it easier for friends to bring in friends and keep the community lively.

If Section 8 dies early, this map pack isn't doing it any favors. It would be pretty unfortunate, too, as the bit of multiplayer I played was a ton of fun.

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