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Section 8 Drops on PlayStation 3 Today

March 25, 2010

Section 8 Drops on PlayStation 3 Today

TimeGate Studios’ Full-Featured, First-Person Shooter Launches on PlayStation Network, for Just $29.99

PlayStation 3 system fans can finally strap on their jetpacks and launch into the world of Section 8 on Thursday, March 25. Developed by TimeGate Studios, this full-featured, first-person shooter (FPS) deploys in North America for just $29.99 USD on the PlayStation Store.

TimeGate’s sci-fi multiplayer FPS broke genre conventions when it was released on the Xbox 360 and PC last September, offering dynamic in-game objectives, “burn-in” spawning, customizable loadouts and deployable equipment. These features were designed to create deep, rewarding gameplay with an unprecedented amount of strategic control, and they deliver.

The PlayStation 3 system version of Section 8 offers superior graphics and enhanced game play, thanks to additional development time; rich, higher-res textures; and a streamlined multiplayer matchmaking system.

“We were very receptive to press and community feedback when developing Section 8 for the PlayStation 3 system,” says Robert Siwiak, Director of Production at TimeGate Studios. “We utilized the extra development time to expand content, enhance features, and took multiple steps to guarantee PlayStation 3 system fans will not be disappointed.”

Gamers who love single-player experiences will appreciate the game’s instant action mode, which supports multiple game types. Section 8 includes 11 maps, three of which were only available as premium content on other platforms.

Section 8 also allows users to host 32-player games through TimeGate’s proprietary TGNServer technology. This is the first time any game will allow users to use home PCs to host large multiplayer matches for PlayStation 3 system. Gamers can now download the TGNServer exclusively on FilePlanet.

For more information on the PlayStation 3 system version of Section 8, please visit

Section 8 is being published on the PlayStation Network by TimeGate Studios.

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