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Secret World Developer "Not Focusing" on Xbox 360 Version


In an interview with Eurogamer, Funcom's Secret World writer/director Ragnar Tornquist spoke about console versions for the upcoming MMO. Back when the game was first revealed, it was billed as a PC and Xbox 360 title. Since then, Funcom has backpedaled on the console possibilities for the game.

“It's not something we're focusing on now,” said Tornquist. “I think it will only happen if The Secret World turns out to be--as of course it hopefully is--a huge success. We will want to do things on other platforms; we will want to expand the universe. But it won't be the same game.”

Tornquist believes that even if the PC MMO is a smash-hit, a console port wouldn't be appropriate. They'd rather adapt the game to consoles with a new release. I imagine it'd be like the difference between Dragon Age II on PC and consoles: One is about strategy, and the other is more action-oriented.

“I don't think console gamers sitting on the couch in front of a big TV want to play the exactly same game as they would on their PC with a mouse and keyboard. That doesn't compute--that doesn't work,” he explained. “You can still have the same setting, you can still have the same philosophies, the same basic systems. But you really need to make a different game. How different that will be, it's hard to say.”

That last statement makes me wonder if the game would even be an MMO on consoles. With Secret World originally pegged as a 360 game, it seems Microsoft's system in particular is getting the shaft when it comes to MMOs.

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