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Second Pool of Official Games Titles for ESWC 2008

December 19, 2007

Second Pool of Official Games Titles for ESWC 2008

Electronic Sports World Cup announces DotA and Quake 3 as official games titles for 2008 competition in addition to Counter-Strike 1.6, Warcraft III and Trackmania Nations.

The Electronic Sports World Cup Committee today announced the second pool of games that will serve as official disciplines for the ESWC 2008 tournaments.

DotA : Defense of the Ancients (PC) Community Project (c) Blizzard (“Defense of the Ancients”, is a free mod for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.)

Quake 3 (PC) (c) ID Software

Those two tournaments are open to male and female. DotA competitions will be played 5 versus 5 on last stable map. Quake 3 will be played in 1v1. ESWC might add games to this list in the upcoming months. ESWC registrations are locally driven, so international players should consult their own country's respective ESWC website, all of which can be accessed via  The ESWC Grand Final will happen in USA next summer 2008.

- F.A.Q -

Why moving back to Quake 3 this year whereas you’ve selected Quake 4 the past two years and that so many new FPS games have been released this year?

We have made the choice to keep a fast FPS game in ESWC in spite of the fact that the community of players is reduced and that the challenge is reserved to an elite. In a word, this family of games offers the most obvious demonstration of what a cyber athlete is and what electronic sports should be. We have taken the necessary time to wait and evaluate all the new potential games. At the end, none of them yet guarantee the minimum conditions to become a genuine eSports platform, stable, open to broadcast, and supported by its studio or the community through a mod.

The last titles in our short list were Q3, Q4, Warsow and UT3. We have finally chosen Quake 3 because we think this is: a) The best software technologically: best client, server, broadcasting tools, support b) The best display for the show and public: best readability and rhythm of match c) The best long-term potentiality with the upcoming Quake Zero (based on Quake 3 gameplay and engine) that could be the ultimate fast and free FPS that deserve electronic sports

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