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Second Max Payne 3 comic book launches online tomorrow


Issue #1 of the Max Payne 3 comic book series was an absolutely stellar read. It was also free, which made it even better. If you've been waiting for the second chapter in the series, you won't have to wait long because, well, it's out tomorrow actually.

Titled "Hoboken Blues," we can only expect to get an even closer look at Max's troubled past leading to the events in Max Payne 3. Despite the fact that most people know exactly what happens in the game, these comic books are still worth checking out. Not only are they cool to read, but the art style is pretty great, too.

As with the last issue, "Hoboken Blues" is free to read online or download straight to your computer. Additionally, limited edition physical copies of the comic books are also being given away to members of the Rockstar Games Social Games Club, and they're sure to be collectibles in the future.

I can't wait to read issue #2!

[Rockstar Games]

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