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Sealed Chrono Trigger Fetching Absurdly Stupid Price


After failing to sell his sealed copy of Chrono Trigger for the SNES at a price of $7,500, eBay user pkspecial.2008 has relisted his item, which has already climbed to $610 as of this writing.

The game is sealed in an archival box with a numerical grade, courtesy of Video Game Authority. For those unfamiliar with VGA, or rather, for us normal people who play our games instead of staring at the boxes for 15+ years, VGA will encase your sealed video games, for a fee of course. Imagine the hours and hours of visual pleasure you'll have while warding off potential mates.

A search through pkspecial.2008's other auctions reveals more games, sealed and graded, including Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and Super Mario RPG.

I was going to make a comparison to The 40 Year Old Virgin, but then I noticed the 2 'cases' of Axe bodyspray, 1 'case' of Axe shower gel, and wide selection of 2XL+ shirts that our merchant is selling. Now I just feel kind of bad.

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