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SDCC 2017 Roundup: Netflix showcases their line-up of new and returning shows

These ought to make that subscription worthwhile!

SDCC 2017 Roundup: Netflix showcases their line-up of new and returning shows

Netflix has released a series of trailers for their upcoming line-up of shows and movie coming this year.

At this year's San Diego Comic Con, fans got a looks at some of their favorite returning series', as well as some new hits on the way. The streaming service has been dominating with their scripted shows and new movies being released, so fans appear to have a lot to look forward to. Check out some of the heavy hitting releases on the way here:

Stranger Things: Season 2 (October 27th)

Netflix gave fans the first trailer for the thrilling next chapter of 'Stranger Things'. The footage features Will Byers still having visions of his imprisonment in The Upside Down. As he copes with the terrifying images by which he is now haunted, Eleven attempts to make her way out of the alternate world to challenge the dangers to come. Check out the trailer here:

The Defenders (August 18th)

The latest trailer for the ensemble epic, 'The Defenders', gave fans a better look at the heroes of Marvel's Netflix series' and what working together will mean for the rag tag group of tortured superheroes. Along with the trailer, a clip was also released featuring Sigourney Weaver as the newest villain, Alexandra. Check it our here:

Bright (December 22nd)

From David Ayer, director of 'Suicide Squad', comes an original Netflix movie about a reality where humans and mythical beings live together, but not so much in harmony. Acting as a subverted statement about race relations, the story follows Daryl Ward (Will Smith), a member of the LAPD who is placed with a new partner, an orc named Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton). When they happen across a magic wand with untold power, they must stop the rivaling gangs trying to get their hands on it.

Death Note (August 25th)

Fans of the classic anime were treated to the first clip from the upcoming movie adaptation of 'Death Note'. The scene focuses on Light Turner coming across Ryuk, the Japanese angel of death who comes packaged with the mysterious notebook. Ryuk convinces Light to write the name of a bully in the pages and...see what happens. 

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