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SDCC 2014: First look at The Walking Dead Season 5; returns October 12th


The Walking Dead Season 5 is set to return on Sunday, October 12th at 9:00pm ET/PT. The debut date was announced during the television show's San Diego Comic-Con panel today alongside the release of a fairly lengthy trailer that gives us a first look at what to expect this upcoming season. So before we get into it, watch the trailer below.

Oh. My. God. Words can't even describe my excitement.

So what to make of the trailer? Well, Season 4 left off with Rick and company locked away in a train cart after arriving at Terminus. By the looks of the trailer, they won't stay long though. After seemingly being tortured and beaten to death (did you see the sword over Glenn's head? Eek) it appears that Gareth, the leader of Terminus, agrees that it's in the best interest to see Eugene, the mulleted scientist who allegedly knows how to cure the zombie virus, get to Washington D.C.

Like all truces in The Walking Dead, the one between Rick and Gareth is tenuous at best. The two clearly have their differences and it looks like the sh*t will eventually hit the fan at some point during the season. There's an explosion that sends zombies flying, a flooded basement with water-logged walkers and lots of zombie-slaying which will surely excite viewers.

And then, there's the return of a character that's been missing since the end of Season 4: Beth Green, last seen being taken away from Daryl Dixon. The trailer shows Beth off on her own in what appears to be another prison of sorts. And by the looks of it, it doesn't look like she's there by choice.

This season is going to be wild! Tune in for the premiere on October 12.

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