Scuf’s modded PS4 controllers deliver form and function

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Modification specialist Scuf Gaming will soon apply their customization know-how to the DualShock 4, the company announced recently. 

Scuf 4PS controllers feature an array of color and input modifications, not the least of which are customizable analogue sticks, rear-mounted paddles which take the place of face buttons, and a control disc mounted over the D-Pad. The modded controllers are available in multiple varieties and have been tailored for specific gameplay genres, most prominently FPS and fighting, and will sell for $119.95.

That last bit may kill a bit of the excitement for most people, but avid competitors may be willing to go the extra mile for peak performance and dexterity. Scuf boasts that over 29 patents went into the things, so it’s got to be worth something, right?

[via GameInformer]   

Austin Wood
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