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Scrolls Demo Available at MineCon


Today, Mojang co-found Jakob Porser announced that "Scrolls", or whatever it's being called after the court case, will be available for demo at MineCon -- the convention dedicated to Minecraft.

"We intend to demo Scrolls on Minecon.  SO get your arse to Vegas on the 18th of November if you want to try it out," said Jakob in a recent tweet.

While fans will be able to get their first hands-on demo with Mojang's newest game, don't expect it to be anywhere near perfected.  Porser immediately followed with another tweet, "It will be horribly unbalanced and full of bugs, but when has that ever stopped game developers from letting people play their games?"  He's got a point.  Just see DICE's Battlefield 3 open beta.

Mojang is currently wrapped up in a lawsuit with Bethesda/ZeniMax over the "Scrolls" trademark.  Bethesda/ZeniMax claims it infringes on their Elder Scrolls game and has brought Mojang to court over it.  Still, that hasn't stopped development on the digital card game.

In addition to playing host to the Scrolls demo, the first ever MineCon convention will focus on Mojang's first smash-hit adventure game Minecraft, which has recently surpassed 15 million users.  The official release of Minecraft will come during MineCon.


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