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Scribblenauts Gets Plush and Vinyl Toys


There was a time when I believed that the single most awesome piece of video game merchandise was the red rooster hat that came with preorders of the original Scribblenauts. That hat, which has kept me warm during many a cold winter night, is still very dear to me. As far as Scribblenauts merch is concerned, though, I think the hat has some new competition.

Known for delivering some pretty cool movie, comic book, and video game action figures and toys, has added another great piece of swag with the Scribblenauts plush and vinyl toy set. The plush Maxwell is the perfect toy for gamers of any age (admit it, you still like toys!), and it looks especially cuddly. The Maxwell vinyl action figure, on the other hand, would make a great decoration for your desk or shelf.

The little pencil-holding Scribblenaut would look great next to my classic NES, Ho-Oh figurine, and remote-controlled Mario Kart toy. And I know many of you wouldn't mind adding a little charm to your room with the Maxwell plushie. The Scribblenauts plush toy and action figure are priced at $11.99 and $9.99, respectively, which isn't a bad price for collectors who enjoy grabbing as much video game merchandise as they can.

I really enjoyed the first Scribblenauts, but Super Scribblenauts didn't really cut it for me. That said, I'm willing to overlook my rocky relationship with the series and get my hands on these new toys. Now, how about a collection of VVVVVV toys? Those 8-bit characters are just begging to be made into figurines.

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