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Screw the Vita, buy a Neo Geo


There's a lot of brats out there in the gaming world these days, snot-nosed kids who's gaming memories stretch only as far back as Halo 2. Point is, these stupid thirteen year old kids filling up the Call of Duty queues ain't never played a real video game in their lives. They don't know what it's like to spent an afternoon credit-feeding the Neo Geo cabinet in the back corner of the pizzeria, hours of Puzzle Bobble domination spent wondering if anyone would dare challenge your bubble-popping prowess.

All I'm saying is, most of these supposedly "hardcore" gamers are straight up poseurs

Thankfully, SNK Playmore is giving you a chance to redeem yourselves, with this recently revealed Neo Geo portable. Not only does the slick device come outfitted in the classic gold on black color scheme of the Neo Geo home console, but it also includes twenty SNK classics to play, including Metal Slug, King of Fighters and Magician Lord.

The true sexiness though? That SD card slot, which has us wondering what else the device is capable of. I though I'd managed to kick my Cardfighters Clash addiction but If I can get a Neo Geo Pocket Color emulator to run on this thing...

Oh jeez, I'm getting the shakes. Can somebody call my sponsor?

[Source: Andriasang]

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