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Screenshot From Minecraft 1.9 'Nether Update' Revealed Along With New Mob Details


Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has teased us with a new screenshot from the Nether portal. At PAX, it was confirmed that Minecraft's 1.9 update will be a Nether update, possibly introducing more nether items, blocks, and enemies. Though the new screenshot released by Bergensten, via Twitter, doesn't show any new enemies, it does make Nether look pretty intimidating. One can only imagine what you will find there.

According to Jens, you'll most likely run into "a new mob that will (nearly) force you to get better upgrades. If you want to fight it, that is”. That is one of the two things the Minecraft developer has been working on. The other is probably the new Armour system which will hopefully give you those better upgrades.

Check out the new screenshot below: Minecraft 1.9 Nether update

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