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Screenshot tour of League of Legends ‘Twist of Fate’ cinematic

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All you League of Legends junkies out there, just how much are you soaking up the all-star matches over this glorious Memorial Day weekend? As you give your respects to the fallen, BBQ, and watch the best of the best play LoL – why not take less than 5 minutes to watch Riot’s brand new ‘Twist of Fate’ cinematic? I promise you, there will be no regret.

Watch as some of your favorite characters size up against each other. Can Twisted Fate take out Fiddle? What about a classic Demacia vs. Noxian head to head? Well all these and more can bless your eye balls by watching the cinematic below. I was most impressed by the facial expressions on the characters. Not only did their looks express the heat of battle, but in many cases showed off the personality of each character.

Riot often talks about wanting to keep uniqueness to their characters. For example, if Darius has his cone hook move, no other character will ever have a move like that – it’s retired. It’s more than that though. How Darius stands, how he swings, how he moves, how he sounds… that is all for Darius only. In this cinematic, Riot understands that Garen’s signature move is the spin. So, without seeming too cartoon like, they gave Garen his spin in a more practical manor; it came out pretty groovy.

I took the liberty to screenshot a ton of the cinematic for your grubby pleasures. Enjoy the gallery to the side.

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