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Scope Out This Lovely Ni no Kuni Gameplay Footage


While we're still unsure if Level-5 plans on releasing Ni no Kuni for North American PlayStation 3 consoles, that hasn't stopped any of us from drooling over any and all screenshots and video footage of the game. The joint venture between the Professor Layton developer and renowned animation company Studio Ghibli looks absolutely stunning. And hey, the RPG gameplay looks pretty damn sweet, too!

Some pretty footage of the game recently surfaced courtesy of Ruliweb. It comes straight from the TGS floor, and watching these two videos has made me want Ni no Kuni even more. The first video is basically a tour of one of the game's town areas. You'll see interesting characters (cat lady!), pleasing architecture, and beautiful art all across the town.

The second clip shows off the battle system in Ni no Kuni. There definitely appears to be a lot of RPG goodness. It's got some traditional elements, but there also seem to be a few quirks, which is always great in an RPG.

I'm not going to lie, guys. I want Ni no Kuni so hard. And I know a lot of you feel the same. Here's hoping we get word on a North American release somewhere down the road. This game is too beautiful to keep confined to a single region.

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