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Schwertleite's Flower Sidequest (Find the comm device) | Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragment Guide (#41)

Fragment Location Guide | Schwertleite's Flower (#41)

Yaschas Massif (100AF) - Find the comm device
This sad glowing red orb forgot to send her final text message. Time to find the comm device! This mission is only available after finishing the quests for Helmwige's Nightshade, Siegrune's Spiritbloom, and Roseweisse Skyblossom. In the southern tip of the map you'll find the orb containing the quest.
Right outside of the ruins, within sight of Chocolina is a hidden item box floating atop some rubble. Use the Moogle Hunt ability to reveal the Comm Device. Then return it to Sarina's orb to get Fragment of Time #41 - Schwertleite's Flower.
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