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School Zone Publishing Joins the iPad Revolution with Three New Educational Childrens Applications

April 7, 2010

School Zone Publishing Joins the iPad Revolution with Three New Educational Children’s Applications

Prestigious Publisher of Educational Products Debuts Their Award-Winning On-Track and Flash Action Software for iPad

School Zone is among the first companies to offer downloadable applications for the revolutionary new iPad tablet by Apple. The launch titles, which parents and teachers can download for $9.99 each, are “On-Track Time, Money & Fractions,” “Flash Action Multiplication & Division” and “Flash Action Addition & Subtraction.”

Only a select number of software developers nationwide were able to meet the tight time deadlines for the launch of the iPad, which debuted on Saturday. The applications are interactive educational programs designed to develop math skills in children from pre-kindergarten through the sixth grade. They all take advantage of the iPad’s touch-screen technology, making it easy – and fun – for little fingers to walk through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other math concepts.

“School Zone has created learning software for the Apple platform for more than 14 years, so developing applications for the new iPad was a natural for us,” said Jonathan Hoffman, president and CEO. “Children are about to experience a whole new way of learning. The iPad brings our educational software to an entirely different level, giving children the ability to manipulate digital material with the touch of a finger. This can transform difficult concepts – such as fractions, time or money – into delightful opportunities to explore.”

On Track Time, Money & Fractions 1-2 for iPad
Ages: 6-7, Grades: 1-2, Price: $9.99
Featuring audio guidance, instant grading, progress tracking and plenty of positive reinforcement, “On Track Time, Money & Fractions 1-2” delivers solid skill practice and builds the confidence children need to succeed in school. Each of the three skills--time, money, and fractions--is presented with clear examples and detailed instructions. In addition, there are no-stress learning areas for children to explore without being graded. Children practice skills such as adding coins, counting coins, coin values, telling time, setting clocks and more. All the skills are presented in a delightful mix of exercises and enhanced with games, animations and “silly” sound effects.

Flash Action Multiplication & Division for iPad
Ages: 8+, Grades: 3-4, Price: $9.99
With “Flash Action Multiplication & Division,” children learn the math facts they will need to pass standardized school testing with just the touch of a finger. They can practice problems against a clock, challenge another player to a game of fast facts or test themselves for speed and accuracy. Featuring instant grading, an interactive multiplication and division chart, audio feed back, reward animations and of course, vertical and horizontal presentations of equations, “Flash Action Multiplication & Division” is flash cards with a high-tech twist.

Flash Action Addition & Subtraction for iPad
Ages: 6+, Grades: 1-2, Price: $9.99
An easy and fun-filled way to learn addition and subtraction, “Flash Action Addition & Subtraction” is smart; it will adjust the difficulty based on the children's performance. If there is a fact they have difficulty with, a handy interactive chart helps them with the answer. Featuring vertical & horizontal presentations of equations, audio responses, multi-player gaming, testing, reward animations and much more, “Flash Action Addition & Subtraction” is the state-of-the-art take on flash cards.

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