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Scene IT? TV mobile game: prep for Fall TV

September 9, 2008

Scene It? TV Edition by Namco Gets a Refresh for Mobile Consumers

New puzzle types now available for download in weekly Miniseries

Namco Networks, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games and entertainment for the mass-market casual gamer, today announced the hit mobile game Scene It? ® TV now has four new puzzle types available for download in the weekly Miniseries question packs.

Namco is using the ‘always on’ network of the cell phone to give players access to new types of content within Scene It? TV, which is based on the popular DVD board game created by ScreenLife that tests players’ knowledge of classic and popular new TV shows. The initial version of the game tested players’ knowledge with 17 different puzzle categories including Invisibles®, Rising StarsTM, Spin-offs, Catchphrases, Theme Songs and Ad Slogans. Players will now be able to enjoy four new categories including:

Pictogram puzzles, Rebus-style puzzles of TV show titles Sketches puzzles, pencil sketches of well-known TV show titles Pixel Bit, well-known TV show scenes drawn in 8-bit graphics style Child’s Play, child’s drawings of popular TV shows

“Consumers are not only challenged by new trivia each week, the game now includes four new puzzle types to play,” said Scott Rubin, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Namco Networks. “Providing new content over the network gives consumers a new experience with the game; it is close to giving them an entirely new game.”

New downloadable question packs will continue to be available on a weekly basis, adding new questions to the more than 1,000 trivia questions already available. The downloadable questions have proven very popular. To date, more than 26 million questions have been downloaded by consumers nationwide who played Scene It? TV and Scene It?® Movie Edition on their mobile phone.

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