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SCEA Previews Robust Software Lineup for PLAYSTATION Platforms

May 17, 2007

SCEA Previews Robust Software Lineup for PLAYSTATION Platforms

More Than 30 PLAYSTATION 3 Games Highlighted; Technological Power of PlayStation Systems Demonstrated at Event

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., (SCEA) previewed an extensive software lineup for its PlayStation(R) platforms for the second half of 2007 and early 2008 at a media event in San Diego today. More than 30 games for PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system, including a strong first-party lineup of over ten announced titles, were shown during the event, along with a full library of games and services for PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) handheld entertainment system, PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system and PLAYSTATION(R)Network, demonstrating the depth and breadth of content heading to PlayStation(R) fans.

"As you would expect from the market leader, we are seeing a huge influx of games coming to all our PlayStation platforms in the remainder of our fiscal year," said Jack Tretton, president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America. "More than half of the games we showed during our media event are available only on our systems. This fiscal, from SCEA alone, users can expect more than 15 exclusive games and services for PS3, and another nine for PSP. This doesn't even take into account the wide variety of titles and game packs we have coming through the PLAYSTATION Network. Given this raft of titles, I think we are very well positioned to meet the needs and wants of every PlayStation user as they build out their game libraries in the coming months."

Taking center stage on the first day of the event were over 30 new games for PS3, demonstrating the advanced technological capabilities of the system, including the Cell Broadband Engine(TM) (Cell/B.E.), Blu-ray Disc(TM) (BD) player, built-in hard disc drive (HDD), 1080p high-definition output, Wi-Fi connectivity and the SIXAXIS(TM) wireless controller. Key first-party PS3 titles unveiled and demonstrated included: Warhawk(TM), Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, SOCOM: Confrontation, Heavenly Sword(TM), Ratchet & Clank(R) Future: Tools of Destruction(TM), Folklore(TM), THE EYE OF JUDGMENT(TM) and SingStar(TM). Several of these titles were recently highlighted in Electronic Gaming Monthly's June issue as "difference makers" for PS3 in 2007, denoting must-have titles for gamers. In addition, the buzz of March's Game Developers Conference, LittleBigPlanet(TM), was also on hand, giving attendees a chance to explore this unique game, where players actually create and share their own 3D gameplay levels.

Enjoying onsite support from more than 15 leading publishers, SCEA was pleased to also give event attendees access to key third-party titles including John Woo Presents Strangehold(TM) from Midway, a game that will take full advantage of the massive storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc format by offering a game and a movie, John Woo's "Hard Boiled," on the same disc. Other gameplay stations featured titles from 2KGames, Capcom, Tecmo, Sierra Entertainment SEGA and Konami.

Additional games and services will be available for PS3 system owners through the PLAYSTATION Network. Attendees got their first hands-on experience with the highly anticipated PLAYSTATION Network service Home, a 3D avatar-based community that serves as a meeting place for PS3 users around the world. PLAYSTATION Network games highlighted at the event included PAIN and Calling All Cars(TM).

Sixteen exclusive titles for PSP from first and third parties were also unveiled at the event, ranging from Syphon Filter(R): Logan's Shadow to God of War(R): Chains of Olympus and SOCOM:U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike. "We still have a few surprises up our sleeve for this fiscal," continued Tretton. "But I think the games and services we did show at this event really demonstrated the gameplay, community and entertainment possibilities you can only have on PlayStation products."

Recent industry analyst reports point to an up-cycle for SCEA as the company brings more next-generation content to the marketplace, particularly for PS3. According to an April IDC report:

"IDC stresses that the PS3 is ahead of the market, like its predecessors. Must-have exclusive content, which in this generation will come from first party studios (Heavenly Sword, Lair) and network services (Home), will turn around the PS3's position. Later this year new PS3 games will begin to demonstrate the advantages of the console's specifications and the network will show us some new tricks." (1)

Games and services shown during the event included:


  • Ratchet & Clank(R)Future: Tools of Destruction(TM), SCEA
  • Uncharted: Drakes Fortune(TM), SCEA
  • Heavenly Sword(TM), SCEA
  • SingStar(TM), SCEA
  • SOCOM: Confrontation, SCEA
  • Folklore(TM), SCEA
  • NBA '08, SCEA
  • MLB 07 The Show(TM), SCEA
  • Home, SCEA
  • LittleBigPlanet(TM), SCEA
  • Elder Scrolls(R)4: Oblivion, Bethesda Softworks
  • The BIGS, 2K Sports
  • Hellboy, Konami
  • Devil May Cry(R)IV, Capcom
  • Stranglehold(TM), Midway
  • Spider-Man 3, Activision, Inc.
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma(R), Tecmo
  • TimeShift(TM), Sierra Entertainment
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter(TM) 2, Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Surf's Up(TM), Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Electronic Arts
  • Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End, Disney Interactive
  • SEGA Rally(R) Revo, SEGA
  • Dynasty Warriors(R):GUNDAM(R), NAMCO BANDAI Games
  • Conan(R), THQ
  • Ratatouille, THQ
  • The Darkness, 2KGames
  • Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, 2KGames


  • Calling All Cars(TM), SCEA
  • Warkhawk(TM), SCEA
  • High Velocity Bowling, SCEA
  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, SOE


  • SOCOM US Navy SEALs: Tactical Strike, SCEA
  • Syphon Filter(R): Logan's Shadow, SCEA
  • God of War(R): Chains of Olympus, SCEA
  • Jeanne D'Arc, SCEA
  • NBA '08, SCEA
  • Pursuit Force(TM): Extreme Justice, SCEA
  • Parappa the Rapper(TM), SCEA
  • MLB 07 The Show(TM), SCEA
  • Crazy Taxi(TM): Fare Wars, SEGA
  • Crush(TM), SEGA
  • Castlevania(R)The Dracula X Chronicles(TM), Konami
  • Silent Hill Origins, Konami
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Capcom
  • SWAT(R)Target Liberty(TM), Sierra Vivendi
  • Hot Brain(TM), Midway Home Entertainment
  • Final Fantasy, Square Enix
  • Dungeons and Dragons(R) Tactics, Atari
  • Star Wars Battlefront(R): Renegade Squadron(TM), LucasArts
  • NARUTO(TM): Ultimate Ninja Heroes(TM), NAMCO BANDAI Games
  • Dead Head Fred, D3 Publisher of America
  • PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient(TM), D3 Publisher of America

PlayStation 2

  • Buzz! Mega Quiz, SCEA
  • Buzz Jr. Jungle Party, SCEA
  • Hot Shots Tennis(R), SCEA
  • Manhunt 2, RockStar Games
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