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Say goodbye to Rust. Get ready to say hello to the new Rust

Say goodbye to Rust. Get ready to say hello to the new Rust

Rust, an open-world survival action-adventure extravaganza, was apparently a mess. Just don't tell that to all of the people who enjoyed playing it. Sadly for them, though, developer Facepunch Studios is going completely back to the drawing board. 

As it turns out, Rust was developed on top of a prototype web game entitled Cash4kills, described as a combination of Grand Theft Auto and Hitman. What does any of that have to do with Rust? Well, when Facepunch would work on the game's coding, they'd have to undertake a lot of extra work.

"There's a lot of systems that are integral to Rust, that are 3,000 lines long, that could be 100 lines long,"  said Garry Newman, the game's creator, in a conversation with PCGamesN. "So every time you go to change something you have to chase around finding how these five different systems that it doesn't really need work, then you change it and it breaks 4 different systems that you thought had nothing to do with it."

In essence, changing a simple thing in Rust was a nightmare-ish task. With so much of the game needing changes, Facepunch decided the best idea was to completely scrap the original game and start from the ground up. This time around, the new veresion of the game was rebuilt in HTML and is already functional. 

"Because it's HTML it's really artist friendly, so shit gets done a lot faster. It renders in another thread, so it has no performance impact on the game at all."

Here's to hoping everything works out for the Rust fanbase in the end. 

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