Save $50 on the Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle on Amazon

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Amazon has been doling out all sorts of good deals on video games recently. Only yesterday they announced a special on the 320GB model PlayStation 3, allowing customers to choose one of four video games as a complimentary gift when they purchased the console.

Now the retailer is offering a reduced price on the Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Value Bundle, which normally costs $300. Gamers can buy the bundle, which includes a copy of Fable III and a digital code for Halo: Reach, for a total of $250.

Considering the cheapest model Xbox 360 (a skimpy 4GB) will run you close to $200, this deal practically sells itself. Fable III currently costs $12 on Amazon, while Halo: Reach is priced at around $27.

Microsoft has most recently released the Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition of the console, valued at $449. It goes on sale next month.

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