Sanctum Collection free until Monday on Steam, 75% off

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Developer Coffee Stain Studios has made Sanctum free to play from today through Monday, May 7 on Steam. Both Sanctum and the Sanctum Collection are now 75% off for the duration of the period.

The Sanctum Collection includes the game and its associated soundtrack and DLC. In addition, "Yogscave" is now free to all owners as an additional download. The first-person shooter/tower defense mash-up currently costs $5 (regularly $19.99) in its entirety.

Sanctum alone sells for only $2.49. It will be receiving a quick update that includes a new medal system, improved balancing, graphic detail settings, and other tweaks.

As the elite soldier Skye, players must protect Elysion One from alien hordes by constructing and upgrading an elaborate network of defensive edifices and towers and then attacking enemies firsthand.

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