Saints Row: The Third goes to space on Feb. 21st with upcoming DLC

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Earlier today it was announced that Angry Birds is going to space.  Now, it's time to prepare for "Gangstas in Space."

THQ announced the latest DLC for Saints Row: The Third, "Gangstas in Space, will be hitting all platforms on Tuesday, February 21st.

Not to be confused with the Saints Row: The Third mission, "Gangstas in Space" will be a complete DLC pack "from the visionary mind of big-shot Hollywood director Andy Zhen."

The Saints are back once again to complete the final scenes for their future blockbuster, “Gangstas In Space”. With the world waiting in anticipation of the very first Saints movie, there’s a lot on the line, and it’s your job to act the part. Starring the Boss and introducing Jenny Jaros as Princess Kwilanna, you’ll experience action, drama, blow-up dolls, and one hell of an alien invasion through a series of new missions.

Will Jenny be your new love interest? Will you stop the alien invasion? Will there be at least three different kinds of melon at the craft services table? Find out when you play…

The trailer should be available sometime next week with the DLC itself.  Gangstas in Space will be free for those with a Saints Row: The Third Season Pass.

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