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Saints Row The Third Cheats Will Increase Your Steelport Productivity


Want a little more edge in your Saints Row: The Third endeavors? Want to take that chaos to the next level? Or maybe you're just low on cash and you want to swim in money right from the start of the game. We got you covered.

These cheats can easily be put in through your in-game cell phone and then activated immediately.

So what on earth are you waiting for?! GO CHEAT!

Cheat Name                       Access Code                       Description

All Weapons                       letsrock                                Give all weapons + infinite ammo

r-e-s-p-e-c-t                        whatitmeanstome              +10,000 respect

Cash Money                       cheese                                 +$100,000 cash

Super Sprint                       runfast                                   Infinite sprint meter

Elevator to Heaven            fryhole                                   Victims float into the sky

Anger Cops                         pissoffpigs                          5* Cop notoriety

Anger Gangs                      lolz                                         5* Gang notoriety

No Police                            goodygoody                         Clear all police notoriety

No Gangs                           oops                                      Clear all gang notoriety

Rated M++                          notrated                                Extra blood and gibs

No Hud                                nohud                                   Hide the hud

Time of Day cycle              ticktock                                  Advance time by 5 or 6 hours

Repair Car                          repaircar                               Repairs all damage to vehicle

Vehicles Smash                isquishyou                            Vehicle smashes others

Give Apoca-Fist                 giveapoca                             Killbane gloves

Golden Gun                       goldengun                            One-hit kills enemies

Drunk Peds                        dui                                           Drunk AI

Pimps and Hookers         hohoho                                  Peds all spawn as pimps, hos, BDSM patrons

Zombocalypse                   brains                                    Peds spawn as zomies

Company of Gyros            mascot                                  Generic gang members are replaced by mascots

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