Saints Row The Third Brings On Even More Ways To Cheat

Saints Row: The Third  - 872263

So I heard you like cheats. So we decided to put more cheats, in your Saints Row: The Third cheats menu so you can cheat your heart out. As before, just enter the word into your cellphone and watch the chaos ensue.

repaircar – Repair Car
goodygoody – No Police Notoriety
oops – No Gang Notoriety
notrated – Bloody Mess (bodies explode)
vroom – No Car Damage
lolz – Increase Gang Notoriety
pissofpigs – Increase Police Notoriety
cheese – Give Cash ($100,000)
whatitmeanstome – Give Respect
fryhole – Heavenbound
runfast – Infinite Sprint
goody goody – No Cop Notoriety
oops – No Gang Notoriety
givemunicipal – Spawn a Municipal
givephoenix – Spawn a Phoenix
givesquasar – Spawn a Squasar
givetaxi – Spawn a Taxi
giveembulance – Spawn a Ambulance
giveanchor – Spawn a Anchor
giveattrazione – Spawn a Attrazione
givebootlegger – Spawn a Bootlegger
givechallenger – Spawn a Challenger
givecommander – Spawn a Commander
givecondor – Spawn a Condor
giveeagle – Spawn an Eagle
giveestrada – Spawn an Estrada
givegatmobile – Spawn a Gatmobile
givekanada – Spawn a Kanada
givekenshin – Spawn a Kenshin
giveknoxville – Spawn a Knoxville
givekobra – Spawn a Korbra
givekrukov – Spawn a Krukov
givemiami – Spawn a Miami
givenforcer – Spawn an Nforcer
givepeacemaker – Spawn a Peacemaker
givereaper – Spawn a Reaper
repaircar – Spawn a Repaircar
giverpg – Spawn a RPG
givesandstorm – Spawn a Sandstorm
givesatchel – Spawn a Satchel Charge
giveshark – Spawn a Shark
givesheperd – Spawn a Sheperd
givespectre – Spawn a Spectre
givestatusquo – Spawn a Status Quo
givetitan – Spawn a Titan
givetoad – Spawn a Toad
givetornado – Spawn a Tornado
givevortex – Spawn a Vortex
givevtol – Spawn a VTOL
givevulture – Spawn a Vulture
givewidowmaker – Spawn a Widowmaker
givewoodpecker – Spawn a Woodpecker

Thanks GameRanx!

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