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Saints Row 4 is more than just coming up with 'crazy ideas,' says producer


Upon first look at Saints Row 4, it's apparent Volition is taking things to a more extreme level. But it's important to realize that the over-the-top nature of the Saints Row franchise is more than just coming up with wild ideas.

Speaking to OXM, Saints Row 4 senior producer Jim Boon explained, "The challenge is to make sure these ideas have a purpose and are fun.

"We don't want to do crazy just for the sake of being over the top, so it is important that our crazy ideas actually add to the game. The pressure comes from having the time to really hone our idea into something that feels awesome for the player."

It shouldn't be hard for the team to find a purpose for many of Saints Row 4's wacky ideas. With the game set in an alternate version of Steelport with an arsenal of alien weaponry and technology, the possibilities are unlimited. Even this time around, you have superpowers to help take down the evil alien Zinyak.

"Ultimately the pressure comes from trying to keep things fun in SR4. We have a very creative team that comes up with some fairly crazy ideas - that is almost the easy part for the team," Boon continued.

As for what many consider to be a juvenile tone, Boon defends that, based on overall reception and sales of Saints Row: The Third, the fans seem to "enjoy this aspect."

"We do get an awful lot of feedback from fans telling us much they love our juvenile tone - with some asking us to go even further!" he concluded. "Ultimately SR4 doesn't try to take itself too seriously and we even have a lot of fun at our own expense."

While I thoroughly enjoyed Saints Row: The Third, I'm still a bit on the fence with Saints Row 4. Despite the juvenile elements of Saints Row: The Third -- like a giant purple dildo -- the game still possessed many realistic, albeit over-the-top sequences. It just seemed like an over-the-top action flick. With the addition of aliens, I'm worried Saints Row 4 could lose itself in its own silliness.


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