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Saga's 10 Days of Gaming on Xfire.

February 26, 2009

Coolest Prize in Gaming History

Silverlode Interactive has partnered with Xire for the Ten Days of Saga Promotion where the top prize is a real working Lithoblolos Ballista.

Silverlode Interactive, the indie game publisher known for innovative game design with SAGA, the world’s first collectible MMO RTS, today announced the coolest prize in the history of game contests. Players who play more than 20 hours of SAGA between February 26th and March 6th are eligible to win a Lithobolos Ballista.

The Lithobolos Ballista stands 2 feet wide, 3-and-a-half feet long and is capable of shooting golf balls, eggs, tennis balls, or the head of your sister’s favorite doll with an effective range of 200 feet.

For the duration of the promotion on Xfire, players will be able to receive a fully registered copy of Saga completely FREE. The free accounts come with over 100 neutral units and over 60 faction-specific units such as the deadly Orc Snipers and the terrifying Dark Elf Hellhound Riders.

Other prizes include the Great Dragon unit which currently sells for over $70 on the secondary market, the Rhyax which is a warped, armored demon spider, and the generously donated Razer Gaming Keyboards.

For full details visit the official contest page at 

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