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S2 Games Announces Release of Linux Client for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

March 25, 2008

S2 Games Announces Release of Linux Client for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

Who says there aren’t games for Linux?

Independent game developer S2 Games today announced the release of the highly anticipated Linux client for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul. Linux gamers can download the client and sign-up for a FREE account at

The original Savage: A Battle for Newerth was a gem among the Linux gaming community and won Independent Game of the Year in 2004. Savage 2 builds upon the revolutionary game play defined in the first game, which combines elements of Real-Time-Strategy, First-Person Shooter, and Role-Playing Games into a whole new type of game that defies genre.

“Linux gamers are a whole different crop of players,” said Marc DeForest, co-founder and lead designer of S2 Games. “They are tech savvy, out of the box thinkers who relish creativity and originality. That is one reason why the first Savage was such a hit with them. We couldn’t be more excited to invite them back to Newerth for some savage good times.”

In addition to the release of the Savage 2 Linux client, S2 Games also released the first in a series of Free Content Updates. The completely free content update will bring many new features to Savage 2, including:

  • Level Armor Progression
  • Full Clan Implementation
  • Commander VoIP
  • New Hellbourne Unit “Devourer”
  • Achievements
  • New Community Created Maps: “Dusk” and “Lost Valley”
  • Among others…

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul is available for download now at More information on this title can also be found at


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