Rust on PS4 or Xbox One? 'Anything we do is a while off,' says dev

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If Garry Newman, the man behind Rust, has any plans to bring his survival game to Xbox One or PlayStation 4 it will be in the far future. Addressing the possibility, following his announcement that he received Xbox One dev kits, Newman said that anything the indie studio does regarding either platform is "a while off."

"Neither have an Early Access program [as far as I know] - so anything we do is a while off," Newman responded when a fan asked if he's thinking of bringing Rust to Xbox One or PS4.

The previous Xbox One dev kit tweet sparked rumors that Rust could be coming to Microsoft's new system, perhaps as part of the ID@Xbox program. In the meantime, Rust is enjoying success on Steam as an Early Access title. Despite being in Alpha, the game has already racked up over one million downloads.

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