Rust devs: 'We’re not making a dumbed-down console version'

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The incredibly popular Steam Early Access survival game, Rust, is coming to consoles, but indie developer Facepunch Studios has a lot of work ahead of it before it can make that happen.

"So with Rust, we are planning to port it to consoles," studio founder Garry Newman wrote in a blog post today. "We haven’t started that process yet. We’re not planning anything until we’ve tried to get it running on one of the consoles and know what problems we’re going to face."

Newman did make one distinction about the type of game that Rust players can expect on consoles.

"It’s important to emphasize here that we’re porting TO consoles," he said. "We’re not making a dumbed-down console version and then porting it back to the PC. So might happen, might not. Depends on a bunch of stuff. Either way, neither the PS4 or Xbone have any kind of Early Access program as far as I know, so it will be a while away.

"We won’t ever sign exclusivity deals," Newman said. "You’ll always get our games on the PC first."

As of early this week, Rust has sold over 1 million copies through Steam Early Access.

Stephanie Carmichael Twitter: @wita
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