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Runic Games shows off animated opening cinematic for Torchlight II


Runic Games collaborated with Klei Entertainment to animate the game's cinematic opening, released today.

The segment adds story in between the end of the first Torchlight and the beginning of the sequel, expected to release soon. Klei Entertainment provided the animation and sound effects, and members of Runic worked on the storyboards, script, and score.

Players can expect to see additional scenes like this one throughout the game. "Since our game is almost entirely from a three-quarter, top-down viewpoint we wanted to use the cinematics to give players views they simply didn't get in game; a bit more sense of place and environment with vistas they couldn't see otherwise," said Jason Beck, art director for Runic Games.

Klei Entertainment has worked on the Shank games and is releasing its upcoming game, Mark of the Ninja, this summer.

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