Runic Games confirms a Steam release for Torchlight 2

Torchlight II  - 1100701

According to Runic Games, Torchlight 2 will be available for purchase from two online distribution services: Steam and

The game for PC and Mac is due out this year, but the developer faces fierce competition with Diablo III, coming May 15. CEO Max Schaefer recently commented that an ideal launch for Torchlight 2 would fall shortly after Blizzard's game hits shelves.

Torchlight II provides a less expensive option as opposed to Diablo III's $60 entry point, but Runic Games insists the $20 cost doesn't reflect the game's quality.

"Our total development time on this game is going to be about two years, which is not unreasonably long for this type of game," Schaefer previously told Joystiq. "In the long run, people will be happy we took this extra time."

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