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Runescape Gets Clan Citadels


Today is a momentous day for RuneScape as we release the largest expansion of the year: Clan Citadels.

This update allows every RuneScape member's clan the chance to own their own floating citadel, a castle in the sky for their clan mates to meet, socialize and even develop their own games with the new sandbox battlefield editor. This expansion is unlike anything seen in a MMO before and has been designed to make RuneScape's clan support the envy of the MMO world.

Why Now

RuneScape this year has entered its 10th year, and is showing with this update that the game is going from strength to strength. RuneScape has 10 years worth of content to explore, one of the world's largest communities to engage with, and unlike other popular MMOs RuneScape is available to play for free. RuneScape's proprietary technology means that you can play the game is any browser connected to the internet. So the real question is, why not try it now.

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