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Runes of Magic Adds Tower Defense Mode

September 24, 2009

Runes of Magic Adds Tower Defense Mode

PvP Feature, ‘The Visdun Fortress’, Expands Taborea

Runes of Magic is getting a new mode that will expand the variety of gameplay even further in the game. The familiar ‘Tower Defense’ mode, found in many strategy titles, is now available in Runes of Magic, under the name ‘The Visdun Fortress’. In the mode, there are two teams, two fortresses and one goal: To dispatch hordes of monsters at your opponent until their fortress is leveled. The best way to do this is by using various towers and configurations in a fun PVP feature that further expands the possibilities within Runes of Magic.

Upon entering the tower defense mode arena, two teams of three players each have the ability to summon monsters. Alternatively, players can take to the battlefield and defend against the opponent’s hordes in melee combat. But, the most powerful way to defend against the attacks is a variety of five different towers. An Ice Tower slows down monsters on their way to your fortress, a Lightning Tower attacks five targets simultaneously, and an Arrow Tower attacks individual opponents, and in doing so wreaks huge damage.

The abilities of these bulwarks can be upgraded and players can upgrade them up to ten times. The right mix of towers and placement decide whether the player is victorious or defeated. Should a monster break through the defenses and reach your team, you lose hit points. The battle is over when a base’s hit points falls to zero.

There is a video showing off the new tower defense mode, ‘The Visdun Fortress’, which also shows the new Player vs. Player mode in action:

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