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Rune Factory 4 will feature cameos from past characters


Rune Factory 3 is easily one of my favorite DS games. I sunk countless hours into the game and had such a great time farming, training monsters, forming bonds, and, oh yeah, clearing dungeons.

I fondly remember pursuing the affection of the ginger-haired Raven in Rune Factory 3. Oh, that mysterious lady was tough to woo, but woo her I did! So you can imagine how ecstatic I am about her cameo appearance in the upcoming Rune Factory 4. Raven will take up a position as a merchant, and she'll sell you crafting items such as ore. Yay, Raven!

In addition to the long-haired item seller, we'll also see the reappearance of Barrett from Rune Factory 2. This time around he'll power up your items if you bring him the proper items to do so.

It's great to see Rune Factory 4 bringing back older characters. Here's hoping Raven and Barrett are just two of the comebacks we'll see. Watch out for Rune Factory 4 on the 3DS.


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