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Rumors for Next Xbox Project


The host of the podcast Windows Weekly, Paul Thurrott, spoke of rumors his sources leaked to him.  These rumors focus around a new Xbox project.  Thurrott is a long time blogger and reporter on Microsoft topics.  While his rumormongering has not always been accurate, he has connections to knowledgeable folk in the inside of Microsoft.

  • The current codename for the next Xbox is “Project Ten”
  • It will be coming in time for next year’s holiday season
  • The UI will be heavily based around Microsoft’s “Metro” style of user interface (the current interface for Windows Phone 7, and the style both the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 are moving to)
  • The console’s OS will have Microsoft’s Silverlight technology deeply embedded in it (potentially for uses such as media functionality)
  • The console will extensively integrate with Windows 8 and Windows Phone for better cross-platform functionality

Source: Twit and Egmnow

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