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Rumor: Nibris May Announce More Info About Sadness This Holiday Season


We may soon be getting more info on Sadness.

This news comes from the Nibris YouTube account. Website GoNintendo points out that they have featured content from the same YouTube account in the past, and the account definitely seems to be from Nibris.

Here's what it said:

"Greetings, Significant progress is being´╗┐ made on our Flagship title, Sadness. Expect update by holiday 2010."

Sadness was one of the games we heard about and saw trailers for long before the Wii was released. It was talked about for a while, then it just seemed to disappear.

We never saw actual gameplay footage, other than a few videos that were rumored to be from the game, but we did see early trailers. However, those trailers didn't feature gameplay.

Now, it's not 100 percent confirmation, but it's worth keeping an eye on.

Jacob Lopez
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