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Rumor: Konami Contacts Silent Hill 2 Voice Actor


We will classify this one as rumor for now, but anything Silent Hill 2-related is worth a mention. In this case, it's word from gaming website Hell Descent that Konami has contacted Guy Cihi (the voice actor who played James Sunderland) regarding the ongoing popularity of Silent Hill 2.

According to the rumor, Cihi posted the following on his Facebook page:

“Konami contacted me after years of no-contact. We are discussing issues related to SH2′s continuing popularity. Why now? They either want to re-release SH2 game content, or Sony’s SH2 movie involves James Sunderland. I’ll keep you posted.”

We can't confirm the validity of that statement. Mr. Cihi's profile is private, so we can't check it for ourselves. All we can do for now is cross our fingers and hope for Silent Hill 2 HD. Wouldn't want too much change to come to a game that's already perfect, would you?

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