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Rumor: High Voltage Software May be in Trouble


This is strictly rumor for now, but given the recent layoffs, it is entirely possible. It seems that developer High Voltage Software, best known for the Conduit, may be having more trouble than was originally thought. If what a poster on the GamrConnect forums says is to be believed, the studio is having trouble finding contracts, so there are no projects coming in.

The poster claims to have a friend who worked at HVS until the recent layoffs (which we reported on last week). Right now, the developer is working hard to get the Conduit 2 out the door, and that their upcoming game, the Grinder, isn't coming. This is because they can't gain publisher interest.

The game industry is a tough one, and unfortunately it's business where one game can make or break a developer. Actually, it takes a top-notch game to get a developer noticed, and all it takes is one non-seller to put a studio way behind.

[GoNintendo via GamrConnect]

Jacob Lopez
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