Rumor: Zynga makes huge staff cuts, lets go of over 100 employees

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Zynga rumors are swirling about across the good ol' internet today. The latest buzz revolves around the company allegedly releasing over 100 employees, giving them all of two hours to clear their desks. According to reports, the firings were conducted during today's Apple press conference to avoid the negative press. Well done — it didn't work.

Zynga offices located in Austin, Boston, and Chicago have been reportedly closed down. "So what I know as of now that The Ville and Bingo teams were cut," said a Zynga employee in a statement to Joystiq. "I don't know anything about Chicago at the moment."

Additionally, Zynga Boston General Manager Fareed Mosavat tweeted, "The outpouring of support for us has been incredible. Love this Boston scene."

We'll be watching out for further news regarding the Zynga situation.

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