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Rumor: ZombiU getting ported to Xbox One and PS4

With five days until E3, the rumors are rolling in.

With just days until E3, the rumors are starting to pile on. Apparently, Dark Souls 3 was confirmed for an E3 reveal and The Last Guardian will be making an appearance at the event. The latest rumor, however, comes from Unseen64's Tamaki.

According to Tamaki, the Wii U exclusive ZombiU is no longer an exclusive game. A source claiming to be close to the game's publisher, Ubisoft, is suggesting that ZombiU is currently in development for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

ZombiU was built around the Wii U's gamepad, making a port to consoles interesting. The developers might do away with the off-screen functionality all-together or use the Vita and Xbox SmartGlass as optional off-screen devices. The game may never  release, they simply say that it is 'confirmed' to be in development.

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