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Rumor: Xbox 720 will require constant internet connection


The amount of trust that you can put into an 'unnamed source' is always questionable. In fact, you could even speculate on who the mole is. Is it your own fantasy, a rumor you start but don't want to shoulder the blame? 

Regardless of where the rumor began, it's being reported that the next Xbox console will require a constant internet connection. We all remember how well this worked out for Diablo 3, right? An unnamed source contacted Edge stating that a new form of Xbox Live will be an 'integral' part of the new Microsoft console and so will an improved Kinect system. 

The worst part of this rumor is that every game will come equipped with an activation code, which can not be shared, passed on, or anything after its first use. Simply put, no more used games for you (or me). Why? Because f*ck you, that's why. It seems as though this rumor focuses on the two things people hate most, forced internet connection and blocking used games. What if you buy a game and hate it, do they expect you to live with $60 down the drain or do they think you'll just trade Xbox's? Side-note: the games will be on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs.

It's almost as though they don't want anyone buying their console...or Sony is starting these rumors so that you are predisposed to wanting the PlayStation 4 (subliminal advertising anyone?). If these rumors are true Microsoft could be sabotaging the potential success of their next gen console. Why, why would they do that?

I'll be waving my conspiracy theory banner over here.

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