Rumor: Xbox 720 to feature 16-core CPU

There is seemingly no end to the speculation surrounding the "Xbox 720" or what some like to plainly call, Microsoft’s next console. Last month rumors fluttered that dev kits were being shipped out, code named "Durango," and that while they do not look like the final product, their hardware is identical in what gamers will see when it becomes available (whenever that may be). Today, Xbox World ​is reporting that the dev kits feature a 16-core CPU that will be present in the final version of the console. 

The 16-core IBM Power PC CPU is miles ahead of the current CPU in Xbox 360s, and would put the future console on par with machines like AMD’s Radeon HD 7000-series. The magazine admits t’s a “ridiculous amount of power,” but says the console will utilize every since bit of that power for its second-generation Kinect functionality. While it's certain the next-gen Xbox will feature a substantial increase in CPU, we'll have to wait a while to hear if this rumor is indeed true. 

Source: [CVG]

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