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RUMOR: Windows-8 compatible Xbox 360 in 2012, Not Next Generation


Despite the dozens of mega-hit titles that have released the last few months, much of the industries' attention has been on the next generation of consoles, specifically the Xbox 720. Today, another "next generation" Xbox rumor has hit, but this one is quite different than any other speculation. 

Industry analyst Michael Pachter, speaking out about the possibly of a new Xbox releasing in 2012, called the rumors "greatly exaggerated." Instead of an entirely new console, Pachter says that we'll likely see another iteration of the 360 in 2012, which will use the forthcoming Windows 8. 

If you give it some thought, it's actually a wise prediction. Microsoft has begun integrating the Windows operating system and Xbox Live into many of its devices (i.e. Windows Phone). Also, Xbox Live is introducing new features like Bing in its upcoming fall dashboard update; the search engine is a headling feature for Windows. 

If true, gamers can breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to drop a couple hundred bucks on a next generation console, just yet. 


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