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Rumor: Warner Bros working on new Batman and Suicide Squad game

Oh boy, oh boy!

Rumor: Warner Bros working on new Batman and Suicide Squad game

With E3 only weeks away, the rumors and hype are building up more than ever. The latest rumor has Warner Bros., the guys behind the Batman Arkham series working on a couple of projects.

According to the French site Addicted to Series (ByteSizeImpressions is reporting to have written it first), Warner Bros. is working on two new games: Batman and Suicide Squad.

If this rumor is true, Warner Bros. is working on a new Batman game that will follow the story of Damian Wayne, the son of the Batman we know - Bruce Wayne. This new game will feature a day and night cycle, unlike previous games, and a bigger Gotham for us to explore. It appears as though Damian will be using the Batcycle over the Batmobile, but again, there's no confirmation on this.

The rumored Suicide Game is said to be a third-person shooter that will be a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Origins. 

Additionally, the site mentioned that both a Spider-Man and Superman game are in the works. Both games have a history of rumors attached to them, although one game goes much further back than the other. The Superman game has been rumored to be in development at Warner Bros. Montreal for some time now and the Spider-Man game is a relatively new rumor.

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