Rumor: The Last of Us Season Pass includes three story expansions, pricing revealed

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It appears the already lengthy singleplayer story for The Last of Us will continue beyond the initial session, thanks to a Season Pass that will be offered alongside the game's release. A listing found within the GameStop computer database did indeed confirm the Season Pass exists, but further information sent to PSLS from a supposed GameStop employee revealed the actual contents.

According to the report, The Last of Us Season Pass will cost $19.99 and includes three story expansions. Normally I'd assume these to be single player, narrative-driven expansions, but seeing as how we don't know anything about the game's multiplayer I can't say that for certain. Perhaps The Last of Us' multiplayer component is some sort of co-op story-driven experience. Maybe the multiplayer experience will expand upon the single player with side stories that further explore this post-apocalyptic world. It's all speculation on this end.

Naughty Dog has said in the past that DLC for The Last of Us will be focused on the multiplayer portion of the game, so it's certainly possible that these three expansions could add to that. We know absolutely nothing about multiplayer in The Last of Us, except that it will be "awesome."

Other contents in the Season Pass include recovery speed-ups, faster reload speeds, costumes, and "more." 

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