Rumor: Skyrim to return to Morrowind, on the backs of dragons

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Did we ever mention to you, the readers, that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a gigantic game? Well surprise, it could be getting a whole lot larger, because rumors point to a return to Morrowind – a location that served as the premise to what some call the defining growth for the Elder Scrolls series.

According to a number of resourceful players who accessed source files decoded from the game's latest PC update, Bethesda has added several entries for locations in a large-scaled Morrowind, the ability to ride dragons, and new kinds of armor. Rumors point to these files being apart of the anticipated, somewhat secret upcoming DLC entitled “Dragonborn.”

Obviously, nothing has been officially announced yet, but a proper return to Morrowind may be exactly what Skyrim needs to create more buzz; buzz that has dropped substantially since launch and the game’s first DLC expansion. We’ll be sure to report any official announcement as they are made available, but for now, cross your fingers for some old school fun in an extremely gorgeous world.

Source: [OXM]

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